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Frequently Asked Questions CP Mobile - Mobile Point of Sale Anywhere

Mobile POS App integrated with NCR Counterpoint SQL POS FAQ’s
Mobile Point of Sale Anywhere

Counterpoint Mobile POS

Customer Lookup

  • Lookup customer information
  • Modify information for existing customers
  • Add new customers

Item Lookup

  • Item Details – Long Description, Attributes, Profiles
  • Real Time Inventory Quantity

P.O.S. Anywhere - Mobile Point of Sale

  • Orders / Delivery / Ship-To
  • Invoice Printing to Laser Printer
  • Holds – Cash Out at Register
  • Credit Card Processing using Authorize.Net
  • Linea Pro Sled and Infinia Tab Supported Barcode Scanning and CC Swipe
  • Offline Ticket Entry
  • Will email receipts when connected to the server/online

Physical Count

  • Fast Mode – Scan Each Item
  • Normal Mode – Quantity Entry
  • Alternate Unit Support
  • Grid / Cell Support

Purchase Order - Receiving

  • Linea Pro Sled and Infinia Tab Scanner Supported
  • New Barcode Collection / Associate to Item
  • Alternate Unit Support
  • Grid / Cell Support

Batch Label Printer

  • Print item labels to network attached label printer
  • Create your own batch label jobs
  • Print individual item labels

Quick Transfer

  • Scan items in and out

Inventory Adjustment

  • Adjust Inventory up or down

Order Management

  • Pick Verifying and Packing orders
  • Scan a picking slip to pull up the order
  • Scan items as you go to verify for shipment
  • Add tracking numbers to orders

Mobile Point of Sale Anywhere

CP Mobile - Anywhere

Do I need constant internet to stay connected with Mobile Point of Sale Anywhere?

No, POSA does not require internet access. It can be used either offline or online.

I have a lot of products!- can it handle the size of my inventory?

Mobile Point of Sale Anywhere is a part of NCR Counterpoint’s SQL inventory management and POS system. It integrates directly to the database and will always stay up to date.

Does POSA work for multiple stores and inventory locations?

Yes, the Point of Sale Anywhere App can take 1-1000+ stores of inventory. There is no actual limitation outside of more database size. Simply start with and only pay for what you need now and add more as you and your business grows.

Is there customer support for live issues?

Yes, backed by expert support agents, Computer SOS Inc. hosts the Mobile Point of Sale Anywhere App support team.